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Pipette droppers are a good way to measure the liquid inside. By the size of the pipette or marking on the tip of the glass, your customers can always be sure to use your product in correct quantities. This is particularly useful for nutrients, essential oils, serums, tincture and other cosmetic products.

Assume that your natural product only needs to be applied to specific skin areas, for example, only on the skin under your fingertips or eyes. The pipette dropper ensures that your product only touches where it is intended, and has the added benefit of not being contaminated by touch.

Droppers have many different types. The question is how to choose the best one for your natural product. There are 3 tips. Let's have a look.

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1. The bulb of dropper

The bulbs of droppers are made of rubber to control the dose. So, to put it simply: The bigger the bulb, the more the dose. The bulb has different sizes, indicating how many milliliters can be sucked in by squeezing it. What is the difference between TPE and NBR? TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer and is the standard bulb most commonly used in alcohol-based and low acidity products that do not damage rubber bulbs. NBR, or NBR sphere, is designed for use in oil-based and high-acidity liquids.

2. The cap

Type III and child-resistant (CR) Tamper-evident caps are available. Tamper-evident means they have a plastic ring at the bottom of the cap that breaks the first time it's opened. They act as quality control for the customer. A complete ring means the bottle has not been opened before. The child-proof lid needs to be pushed down and turned to open. When deciding which LIDS are best for your natural products, the main question is whether the contents need to be kept out of reach of children.

3. The glass tube & tip

Like bulbs, the size of the glass tube is critical to the correct dose. Either the tubes contain the correct number of milliliters, or the tubes are marked to help your client keep track of the dosage. The length is also important as it needs to match the height of the bottle to ensure you reach the bottom. If the dropper doesn't reach the bottom, some precious product stays in the bottle.

Straight versus bent spherical tip? The main difference is that the bent spherical tip shape creates perfect drops of your product when dropped out. The straight shape releases all product at once. The straight shape is mainly used in cases related to volume rather than specific drops.

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